Video | Upcoming Kiln Opening | November 2022

A short video of how we produce our wares.

We are proud to announce that our Kiln Openings have returned! It’s been a while since our last opening, but we’re excited to bring them back.

We will be offering over 150 pieces of traditional Catawba Valley pottery, including Face Jugs, Swirl-ware, figurines, miniatures, and so much more.

"Come See What We Have Made!"

For more information, check out our EVENTS page.

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2 thoughts on “Video | Upcoming Kiln Opening | November 2022”

    1. Unfortunately no. I specialize in Face Jugs, Jars, Jugs, ect. However, I do know a potter that may attend my kiln opening that does make dinner-ware. His name is Matt Haliburton. Perhaps he could help you out.

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