September 8th, 2018 marks the 14th year for the Mint Museum Potters Market Invitational!

This year I was fortunate to be invited back for this terrific show and I will be showcasing new works and a new booth make-over! I've been working feverishly to bring my best pieces for everyone to enjoy and I hope you will mark your calendar for this exciting show.

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Swirl Ware

We use a unique technique of layering multi-colored clays to produce vibrant swirled patterns in our wares.

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Hand Crafted Pottery

Each piece is meticulously formed with an attention to detail.

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A Piece of History

We use 19th century methods to produce our wares as well as local clays to represent a presence of time and place.

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"Come see what I have made"

"Come see what I have made!" This was a quote by a well known potter describing his desire for folks to come to his shop and kiln openings to see the hard work and creativity he had put into his work.  Every artist longs for their work to be seen and admired. Not necessarily for notoriety, but just for people to appreciate and acknowledge their work.

We strive to create unique hand-crafted art based on the idea that history has much to teach us of form and design. And by doing so, we will take Catawba Valley pottery into the future and keep the tradition strong.


Find your piece of history today...

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